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Good morning El Moochadores! I just got a couple of things I wanted to share with all of you (the many thousands of loyal blog lovers out there). So, today we got a cool Millennium Falcon Quadcopter, D&D done very right, and a spot motion Lego painting.


Millennium Falcon Quadcopter


Via Make: Youtuber, Oliver C crafted a polystyrene skin (wasn’t that the stuff the T1000 was made out of?) to look like the Millennium Falcon! According to the article the skin fits over a Prophecy 335 drone. Very cool. Check out the video below, and also check out this (kinda-sorta) related article from Wired about modern drone use. I’m not sure if quadcopters and drones are really related, but it’s all flying robots to me. Which is kind of scary, now that I think about it.

DM Uses Ceiling-Mounted Projector To Project Game Maps!


Via Geekologie: Dammit, Dave! This how you DM! Sorry. I don’t think any of my old RPG buddies even read my blog, but still; way to think outside the box! So, check out these images from Dungeon Master Silverlight’s Reddit page. According to the Geekologie article, Silverlight was quoted as saying:

I recently ran a group of newbies through the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set. I wanted to do something really fun to get them engaged in the game and capture their attention, so I decided to set up a “hybrid” tabletop. The battle mat (map, drawings, etc.) is digital via a projector that I already owned, and then players had physical minis to represent themselves and the monsters they encountered.

Check out more images below, and (if you read our humble/awesome blog) let us know how you make RPG’s more interesting.

dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-5 dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-2 dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-1

Lego Stop Motion


Also via Geekologie: Checkout this niffty little stop motion video from Jon Rolph of a painter recreating a Mondrian painting, but with Lego. Wait, wasn’t Boba Fett a “Mondrian?” nyuck.

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  1. Projected maps for games are a great idea! Teleportation at the touch of a button.

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