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Good Morning El Moochadores! Check out that frigg’n amazing Star Wars print at the top of this post! That was designed by Spanish artist Juan Esteban Rodriguez (“…you killed my father, now prepare to die.” sorry, I do that in my head every time I hear a Spanish sounding name. Back to the post!) for Bottleneck Gallery in New York. They are releasing a limited number of prints of this (today, I think) which has already sold out… Damn son. All the same, go check out Bottleneck Gallery’s shop where you can find other great looking prints and posters!

and for more Star Wars goodness, check out:

Star Wars Snow Sculptures!


Via Geeks are Sexy: The Sapporo Snow Festival started today in Japan and for a center piece they created this niffty looking Star Wars themed snow sculpture of Darth Vader and the gang. According to the G.S. article, the sculpture measures 15 meters tall, 22.6 meters across, and 20 meters deep. Also, I’m not sure how much drinking goes on at the festival, but just to be safe: please don’t lick the yellow parts of the statue.

and then…

New Steam Crow Crago Bag


The fine fellows (actually, I think it’s just one guy) just came out with this neat looking cargo bag sporting a cool Steam Crow logo. The bag looks great and retails for a meager $35.00. You can get this bag, and more great stuff, at the Steam Crow online store.

Okay El Moochadores, that’ll be it for this morning. Now I have to finish posting a review, edit a new moocast, and find my porpoise in this world.


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  1. 15 meters is about 50 feet. Damn! I haven’t drunk a Sapporo in years. Northern Japan is awesome!

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