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Good damn morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo we got Goon news, a cool Trek shirt, and girls playing D&D!




Okay, so I’m mostly posting about this because I love the Goon comic, by Eric Powell and Dark Horse comics, and I want them in making more of these comics! So, go ahead and pre-order the the upcoming edition of Goon: ONCE UPON A HARD TIME #2, and let’s keep the party going. According to the Dark Horse page, the comic will be available March 11th.

As the Goon patiently waits for the men sent to kill him, he passes the time with a classic book that parallels his descent into a man turned animal. Eric Powell delves into a reflective Goon tale inspired by the work of legendary fantasy author H. G. Wells.

Very Cool Trek Themed T-shirt!


Why are they lying. There are five lights. Anyways, has this very cool, Star Trek themed t-shirt for sale and it can be all yours for a meager…$18.95. This is a limited Edition shirt. Sales End February 12th.


Via Geek and Sundry: What!?! Girls playing D&D!?! Crazy. Anyways, check out this very cool short documentary from Meredith Jacobson and Ron Utin Lalkin that shows what happens when a group of girls are invited to play D&D with a group of boys. Check out more information about the documentary on their youtube channel: Meredith Ashley.


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