Not News from Not News Guys.

‘morning El Moochadores! So, by now you’ve all heard that Spider-man is coming back to the Marvel Universe. Well, the movie side of the universe. Click the aforementioned link and you’ll get to read about Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announcement. According to the article Marvel will release the new (another spider-reboot…) Spider-man in an upcoming MCU flick, and then Sony will get to release the next Spider-movie featuring the new web slinger. The article went on to say that “Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.” Click here to read more information about the future films producers and integration into MCU.

and in other, sorta, news…

Star Trek Coins!


Via Geeks are Sexy: Shiny Star Trek coins!?! I can’t get the money out of my wallet fast enough!!! D’oh! …there’s no money in my wallet. damn. But if there was, I would totally buy these beautifully rendered silver coins from the Perth Mint of Austrailia. Dammit. Australians get all the cool stuff. Star Trek coins, kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee… it’s not fair! Any ways, check out the brochure below for more information and more coins!

Archer is really Futurama!?!


via Geek x Girls: The similarities abound! Check out this chart by Reddit user Rob Yeo that shows us all just how much the shows Archer and Futurama have in common. Well, except the Dr. Krieger/Dr. Zoidberg comparison. Where’s the “genius” comparison? Krieger makes cyborgs! And Zoidberg makes… well, he does stuff to!


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