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Mom & Pop Move Their Comic Shop

Via Comic Book Resources (CBR): Okay, so this is more of a Morning-ish Moo, but check out this new Kickstarter for a popular, Phoenix based, comic shop forced to move locations.cb4ffee6ab3ea9f81337400ffc6b9555_large Recently, the owners of All About Books & Comics, were told that the lease on their stores location would not be renewed, forcing the comic shops owners to find a new location for their stock of over 1 million comics, and being hit with a bunch of new expenses. According to their Kickstarter page:

Unfortunately, we recently lost our lease. After 33 years in business, our family-owned comic shop is being forced to move by July of this year. This news came as a heartbreaking surprise. Moving one million comics and completing construction on a brand new store location will be an extremely costly endeavor, so we’re turning to the community to help us with this unexpected, costly venture.

The Kickstarter is seeking a goal of $33,000.00 to help establish the new store. Check out the video below, and the link above, for more information about the shop, its owners and employees, and contributor rewards! We gotta protect our comic shops, folks!

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