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Good morning El Moochadores! It’s my day off! Slept in. Watched some cartoons, maybe I’ll even walk by a gym later today. Yeah, good day ahead. Anyways, for today’s Morning Moo we got some very cool DC poster art, and science experiments!



Via Make: Check out this very cool video, youtuber Nigel John Stanford. The video, Cymatics, shows a bunch of science experiments pretty much anyone can do at home. Well, if you had a bunch of speakers, drum sets, and turn tables… Still cool though.

Vector Justice League Poster Art!


Via Brian Michael Bendis blog: Deviant Art contributor, Mike Mahle, created these frigg’n awesome vector posters of the Justice League! I’ve only posted a few samples below, so go check out his deviant page and website for more examples of his work.


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Okay, that’s it for today ‘Moochadores! I’m off to do… stuff. But! We’ll have more great things up on the site later today!


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  1. I never noticed how creepy Plastic Man is.

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