Not News from Not News Guys.

Custom Fan Made Batmobile


Via Comic Book Resources (CBR): Some people just disgust me. It’s not enough to live in San Diego, but you gotta have a Batmobile too? Eat the rich. Anyways, San Diego north county resident Chris Banner has built his own, “Tim Burton-esq”, Batmobile. According to the NBC 7 news segment (below) Banner uses the Batmobile for Make a Wish appearances. Well, okay. But I’m still jealous. Wish I had a Batmobile. Hell, I can’t even afford a “Spider-buggy.”

Check out the short clip below showing Banner and his custom built Batmobile!

The San Diego Comic Art Gallery


Via SDCC Unofficial Blog: Comic book publisher, IDW is relocating and opening a art gallery! The San Diego Comic Art Gallery will be located at the IDW headquartersIDWGallery in the former Navy barracks in the historic Liberty Station in San Diego. Which is also where I spend most of my lunch breaks at work. Which means I’ll now be stopping by the IDW offices every day to beg for a job. Pathetically beg. yup. Anyways, according to the SDCC Unofficial blog; the new gallery will feature “retail space, a gallery of original art from comics and animation, and actual working artists on the premises, will be located within IDW’s headquarters.” Also, one chubby man in a shabby suit, waving his resume at the front door. See you there.

Haunted Galaxy by Khallion


Via Deviant Art: Check out this very cool illustration, from deviant artist Karen Hallion (aka: Khallion), that mashes Star Wars with the Haunted Mansion. Hit the link above to see more of Khallion’s brilliant illustration work.

Okay, El Moochadores, that’s it for this morning. I got a bunch to get done today, but hopefully I’ll be back on here with more news and art later on.


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