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With Marvel/DC Mash-up art, Walking Dead Facts, and Swords. SWORDS!!!

Good damn morning, El Moochadores. I hope you all slept well. I didn’t. There’s a very loud owl that has taken up residence outside my bedroom window. I use to like owls. Anyways, today we skimmed the top layer of the internet and got some great fan art, an infographic, and some Walking Dead stuff.


10 Iconic Swords… Except Excalibur. WTF?


Via Geek X Girls: Check out this cool infographic from Robert Shaw a UK based illustrator and animator. Wait, the dude is from England and he left out Excalibur!?! They even made a movie, called Excalibur! All the same though (oh, and it was Geek X Girls that first pointed out the glaring lack of Excaliburs on this graph) pretty solid art and information. I think that if I were to heft just one of these swords I would some how feel manly-er.

Top 10 Facts – The Walking Dead


Via Geeks are Sexy: More zombie stuff. Yay. Okay, so, I hate zombie stuff, but yet I love “behind the scenes” TV and movie stuff. I’m feeling a little conflicted here, and tired. Fucking owl. Anyways, check out Top 10 Facts: The Walking Dead from youtubers Top 10 Memes. I wonder if the blue meth caused the zombies. Is that what happens to a blue meth addict after Walter died? Think about it…

DC/Marvel Mash-ups from Eric Guzman!


Via Professional illustrator, Eric Guzman has created these incredible DC/Marvel mash-ups (or Amalgams… which, I think means “mash-up”). I’ve posted a few below but you can see more of these amalgams (that’s a real word, right?) on his Deviant Art page.

thunder_god_by_ericguzman-d67zctr the_amazing_spider_bat_by_ericguzman-d66atof spider_bat_dr_octofreeze_final_by_ericguzman-d66qjao

banenom_by_ericguzman-d66bm5v ms__wonder_by_ericguzman-d67web6 darewing_final_low_res_by_ericguzman-d68foll

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  1. All those swords are from movies and video games, and there hasn’t been a King Arthur franchise for a while, has there? Except for that weird one with fake Padme.

    All those Marvel/DC mash-ups are plausible mirror universe characters who should get their own movie some day. How about it, Hollywood? You’ve green-lighted everything else.

    • Mister Trog

      02/17/2015 at 9:49 pm

      Fake Padme? c’mon! There was the 1981 (or 82) film: Excalibur. It had a Merlin with a shiny thing on his head, a captian picard, and a Liam Neeson too! It was awesome! I think. Actually, I haven’t seen it in a while…

      • You know, I might have even seen it, but I don’t remember. And there was the cartoon Sword in the Stone… that was Arthur, right? Does Monte Python count?

        Anyhow, none of those is very recent. ‘Fraid we’re old, chum.

        • Mister Trog

          02/18/2015 at 7:05 am

          When doesn’t Monty Python count? Literally and figuratively. And, yeah! Sword in the Stone! Another use of Excalibur.

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