With Cool Warcraft Cosplay, The SDF-1, and Archie vs. the Predator!

Good morning El Moochadores! Well, what’s left of it. I slept in a little. That owl is still out side my bedroom window. It’s not that hate all owls, just that one. Anyways, this morning we got some cool things to share. There’s a very nice model of the Macross, killer cosplay, and a new cross over from Dark Horse comics that is probably the king of all cross overs.


1/4000 SDF-1 Macross Fortress!


Via Macross World’s facebook page: Check out this killer 1/4000 scale model of the Macross (SDF-1)! The model is being sold on the Hobby Link Japan website and retails for about ¥4,480, or $37.63. Gimme some credit there, I actually figured out how to type the ¥ symbol. And now my brain hurts. Click the link above to see more images of the model, and also remember that my birthday is in July and you really like me.

World of Warcraft – Death Knights!


Via Deviant Art: I just stopped playing WoW so as to focus on this site, and related projects, and now all I see is stuff that makes we want to play more WoW. WTF universe? So, Check out this incredible photo work from Beethy Photography. The image is of cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Ryan Brant all decked out in their Death Knight armor. Below I’ve also posted another of Beethy’s photos of a very sexy Lich King (Queen?) as performed by the lovely Chubear. Excellent work on the cosplay and photography!


Archie vs. The Predator


Finally, via Comic Book Resources (CBR): Is this really a thing? Nah, this is a hoax, right? Well, anyways, according to a recent post on CBR, Dark Horse comics will be publishing Archie vs. the Predator on April 15th. According to the CBR post; Archie and the gang will cross paths with the universes most dangerous “ugly mother fucker” while on spring break in Costa Rica. The story is written by Alex de Campi and will feature art by Fernando Ruiz and Rich Koslowski, with cover art by Fernando Ruiz, Francesco Francavilla, and Eric Powell! Betty and Veronica in bikinis and fighting a Predator. It’s an over used quote but I have to say it, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

Check out some sample pages below, but hit the CBR links above for more images and information!

ARCHMPR-1-PG-16-bcaf2 ARCHMPR-1-PG-15-10081 ARCHMPR-1-PG-14-188c1

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