Now with Trailers and Futurama art!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Like a dope I agreed to work today. Today. One of my precious days off. So, this’ll have to be a quick Morning Moo. First up, did you see that awesome painting of Leela above? Sure you did! That comes to us via Deviant Art contributor Sakimichan (aka Sakimi Chan). Click the link above to see more of her (his? I have no idea if this is a man or woman) awesome work or you can see more of Sakimi’s (ah… nice and neutral) work on Tumbler and Facebook.

And what else…?

New Mad Men Final Season Trailer


Funky. Check out AMC’a trailer for the final season/episodes of Mad Men. The final episodes will begin airing April 5th. Groovy.

Mad Max “Japan” Trailer


Speaking of “Mad Men” (heh. get it? “Mad Men.” Golly, but I’m clever at 7:00 am) check out the Japanese trailer for the new Mad Max: Fury Road. I don’t know, but some how the extra Japanese words floating around kinda makes the film look a bit more awesome. The producers should think about adding that into the film as it’s released in the US. Mad Max: Fury Road will hit theaters in May.

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