With Lego Demonstrate Fan Fiction and Independent Science Fiction!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo we got a very cool Sci-fi short film, Polis, and Star Wars fan fiction told through the illustrative power of LEGO. Wow.


How Boba Fett Escaped the Sarlacc… In Lego!


Via Atomic Moo contributor Buttery Wholesomeness and The Nerdist: A lot of people hate on fan fiction, and they are wrong to do so. Fan fiction is awesome and we need more of it! It’s really great the lengths to which fans are willing to go to tell their version of a loved story. Take, for example, LEGO enthusiast (and Star Wars fan) Daniel Stoeffler who, through the magic of LEGO, tells us how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc pit! According to Stoeffler: Jawas (lovable scamps that they are) have secretly built a distillery right next to the Great Pit of Carkoon to harvest it’s unique digestive juices, which they then use to produce a nectar called “Jawa Juice.” Eww. It’s through a series of small holes and tubes that the Jawas have inserted into the Sarlacc’s stomach’s that the luckless Boba Fett is able to find his way out of the creature and into the distillery. Okay, I’ve butchered the story in my half-assed attempt at a synopsis. For the complete story please go visit Eurobricks.com where you can also see the images of Stoeffler’s incredible diorama in order. Check out a few sample images below!

022115_StarWars_LEGOSarlaccPit5 022115_StarWars_LEGOSarlaccPit3 022115_StarWars_LEGOSarlaccPit2



Via Geeks are Sexy: Check out this cool science fiction short film, Polis by Steven Ilous (Director) and Daniel Perea (writer) about…

David Porter, a young telepath whose search for his mother threatens to uncover a utopian society’s horrifying secrets.

The film stars Parker Young and is the winner of New Regency and Defy Media Prototype competition.

POLIS from Steven Ilous on Vimeo.

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