With Lego Looms and Green Lantern Busts!

Good morning El Moochadores! ‘kind of tough get the ball roll’n this morning. It would certainly be nice to go back to bed, but I’m up now and mostly ready with some great stuff. This morning we got Green Lantern art, a Lego Loom, but first let’s start with…

Martin Freeman Interviews Sir Ian Mckellen!


Last December the shortlist.com published this interview between Hobbit actors Martin Freeman and Sir Ian Mckellen. I know it’s a bit late (way late), but I just read the interview and thought it was worth passing along. Hit the link above to read it in full.

LEGO Loom!


Via Make: Yeah, I’m probably posting about too much LEGO stuff lately, but this is actually pretty neat. Well, “neat” if you really need to make a very small blanket, or a cozy for your pencil… Still, check out the LEGO Loom from French mechanical engineer, Nicolas Lespour. What’s great (if you have the time and the LEGOs) Lespour also included links with instructions on how to build the loom. So, we can now all make tiny blankets. Keen.

Green Lantern Hologram Bust: John Stewart!


Via Deviant Art: Check out this amazing bust of Green Lantern: John Stewart! The bust was created by Walter O’Neal (aka: No-Sign-of-Sanity, aka: Professor Oreo), and is 1:6 bust of a the Green Lantern being projected up from the centers of his power rings. Hologram style. As to why he started with John Stewart and not Hal Jordan, O’Neal said:

Well I’m a big fan of the Justice League animated series and love John Stewart’s look on the show, so I wanted to try to translate that into a more realistic version. Plus at the time everyone and their mom was doing art of Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, so sculpting John was another way to stand out among the crowd. You can’t see it here, but I even added some glow in the dark paint to his pupils so when you turn out the light his eyes glow green like they do on the show. + 5 coolness points to me.

Yeah, but -10 for not starting with Ch’p. And what about G’nort!?! No one does enough with G’nort these days. Anyways, despite the lack of any animal like Green Lanterns, this bust is nothing short of incredible. Check out O’Neal’s concepts for future busts below, and please go visit his deviant page (link above) to see more of his work.

6__atrocitus__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6oxg 4__sinestro__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6oap 2__hal_jordan__color__by_no_sign_of_sanity-d8j6nsj

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