With Cool Cosplay and Nerds!

Good morning El Moochadores! Today we’ve got a funny video about online friends who meet in real life, and cosplay. Yeah, been awhile since we shared some cosplay.


When Online Friends Meet IRL


Where the hell is Irl? How do you even say that? “Iryl?” “Eril?” Anyways, check out this funny video from Buzz Feed Yellow about two Trek friends meeting in real life… ah, now I get it. My only problem with this video is concerning what the waitress says at the end. Don’t read more if you don’t want it spoiled, BUT… Star Wars isn’t a “credible” science fiction universe. It isn’t even “science fiction”! It’s space fantasy! A credible (kinda) science fiction universe would actually be something like Star Trek (even though I’m more of Star Wars fan) because they (loosely) use well thought out hypothesis-es (what’s the plural of hypothesis?) and theories, and (AND) it’s mostly based on our actual human history. Sort of. G’harrr!!! Get it right!

Awesome Scarecrow Cosplay by Angela Bermúdez


I came across this (look up) image of the Scarecrow, from Batman: Arkham Knight, by Cosplay/painter/model Angela Bermúdez. Yup, that’s a girl under all that scary. A very cute and talented Costa Rican girl. I’ve posted a few more samples of her cosplay below, but you can see more of her work on her deviant art page (link above) or visit her on Tumbler or Facebook.

dont_try_to_stop_us____by_angelabermudez-d6zqvaf pepper_by_angelabermudez-d7hi7uc emerge_by_angelabermudez-d8fs24p

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