For those of you who listen to are semi-regular podcast (well, Moocast, and we love you if you do… in a non-romantic way) you might remember Episode #81, wherein we talked with independent comic writer/creator Ramón Govea about his new comic Alt Control Delete (ACD). Or, you can go listen to it, and enjoy a great podcast that’ll you’ll totally want more of, because it’s awesome, and we all need more awesome in our lives. Right? Anyways… The point is (and I do have one), ACD is now available on Comixology! ACD is about a future world where gaming dominates the culture to the point where XP is currency. In this world, a pro gaming superstar (Tess) is using the game to search for her missing friends. I had a chance to read the first issues, and it’s pretty incredible. The story is fun and exciting, and the comic is full of amazing art from Eddie Nuñez, and Ander Zárate. Currently, you can purchase a download of issue #1 for $0.99. Check out some a sample images below, and for more information go visit the Black Mast Studios website. Also, go listen to our podcast, dammit. I work hard on those things.


Sample Page3 Sample Page2 Sample Page

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