Featuring Great Fan Art and Cosplay.

Good morning El Moochadores! I gotta run. I’m late for work, so this’ll be a quick (Quick) Morning Moo. However; I did find some very cool comic book fan art and some killer cosplay! Now, I need to go find out if I still have a job.


Mystique Cosplay!


Via Geek X Girls: It’s been awhile since we posted about cosplay, but this portrayal of Mystique, by model and cosplayer Some Like it Blue (aka: Nomokis on the Deviant Art), is frigg’n amazing. Check out a few sample photos below, but also hit the links above to see more of her work. She also does a great Audrey Hepburn. I named my first motorcycle Audrey. damn. I miss that bike. She was a real beauty too. Also blue. damn. Now I want a blue girl friend and my motorcycle back.

mystique_cosplay_04 mystique_cosplay_03 mystique_cosplay_02

Fan Art by WYV1


Check out some great fan art by Swiss illustrator Yvan Quinet (aka: wyv1 on the Deviant Art). You can see more of Quinet’s incredible work on Tumbler and Society 6.

___colossus_2_0____by_wyv1-d8f2733 ___psylocke____by_wyv1-d8e4j1p ___wolverine_2_0____by_wyv1-d8d7h9u

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