Featuring a cool new gaming trailer and Hulkbuster collectible figure!

Good morning El Moochadores. Today we got a bunch of great stuff to share with all of you. Stuff like a giant Iron Man toy, a cool video game, and this helpful little link:

Take a gander…


If you’re wondering where you’re local comic store is at then check out Comic Book Resources (CBR) I don’t know how long this has been around, I just found out about it this morning, but damn is this cool. Thanks to this niffty link I just discovered that there’s at least two more comic shops in my area that I never knew about. Now my wallet can be totally clear of all that pesky money that sometimes collects in there. Anyways, if you’re wonder where your local comic shop is, hit the link, enter your zip, and (BAM!) comic shop.

1:6 Hulkbuster Figure


Toy collectors and Avengers fans will love this one. Check out the Iron Man Hulkbuster 1:6 scale figure from Hot Toys. The figure is based on the armor used by Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. The figure stands 21 inches tall and has a smaller Mark XLIII bust inside of it. Oh, and the eyes light up. G’ah… keen. Check out a few sample images below, but go visit the Hot Toys link above for more information and photos.

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Ori and the Blind Forest


Finally, I came across this promotional video for a really cool looking new game from Gamespot called Ori and the Blind Forest. Okay, so I’m not sure what a blind forest is, but the game creators claim that this is a “Metroidvania” (like Metroid or Castlevania) action adventure. I’ve posted the preview video below along with an interview between Alexa Ray Corriea sits down with Mark Coates of Microsoft about the game play. According tot the interview the game should be available today. You can get more information at their website,

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