Featuring cool fan art, body paint, a Batmobile, and RDJ being awesome!

Good Morning El Moochadores! By now you’ve probably all heard the sad news of fantasy author Terry Pratchett’s death. He was 66 years old and, according to sources, had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Above is one of many fan illustrations that appeared on Deviant Art shortly after news of his death was announced. The above piece was created by illustrator, and Deviant Art contributor, Sandara. RIP Mr. Pratchett, and thank you very much for all the good reads.

Now, for some lighter stuff. There’s been too much damn death lately. Anyways, on today’s Morning Moo we got a cool fan mad Batmobile, sexy Transformers body paint, and Robert Downey Jr. doing something really great!


Bat the Animated Series Batmobile!


This is video is from a few years ago, and I may have posted about this in the past but I’m too lazy to check, However; Check out this fan made Batmobile from the Batman: The Animated Series. According to the Youtube page the car was fabricated by Bellotti Eugenio and Fusco Luigi Antonio. You can check out more photos of the Batmobile here.

Arcee Body Paint


Via Geek X Girls: Sexy Transformers body paint. This is a real thing. Awesome! Check out photos from Joey D of model Rosie Mae as Transformer Arcee. the body painting effects were done by Allyson Averell.

arcee_transformers_body_paint_03 arcee_transformers_body_paint_02

Robert Downey Jr.Gives a Child an Iron Man Prosthetic Arm


Finally; This video has been popular all over the web recently and it shows actor Robert Downey Jr. (as Tony Stark) presenting a 7 year old boy with an Iron Man prosthetic arm. The prosthetic was made by Albert Manero, who uses 3D printed material to make affordable prosthetics for kids.

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