Featuring cool fan art and a new indie comic!

Good morning El Moochadores! There are just a couple of things I have to share with you all this morning; One of which is the awesome illustration above. Fozzie Bear: the Killing Joke was created by Deviant Art contributor M7781 (aka: Marco D’Alfonso). M7781 is a Toronto based artist and if you don’t hit the links to check out more of his work, you’re really missing out!


OUR WAR, The Truth Untold


Underbelly Comics has launched a Kickstarter to fund their new book, Our War. It is a story about “financial collapse, political polarization, widespread violence, and the abandonment of law and order” told through the journey of a former farm boy turned activist and his companion (Nester and Emma). Here’s the synopsis:

The pair quickly realizes that they will need each other’s help to survive in a place where everything that was once ordinary and mundane is now vicious and unpredictable. Addressing the threat of ideological dogmatism, the morality of violence, and the possibility of a better world, Our War asserts that while extreme situations breed extreme responses, all hope is never lost.

The book is illustrated by Mike Derrah and written by Luke Henderson. As of this post they have about 25 days left. Hit the link above to see more information, and learn about contributor awards. Check out the promotional video below along with a few sample pages.

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