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‘morning El Moochadores. My apologies for the lack of post lately, but the day job keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Maybe I should just marry rich. Are there any beautiful, wealthy, single women out there that want a late thirties geek blogger to take care of? If so, my e-mail is on the sidebar. Anyways…

Today we’ve got some very (VERY) cool looking custom made toys, and a gallery show featuring geeky postcards to place we really want to go to!


Realistic Toys by NightT47


Via Make: Check out these ultra realistic miniature sculptures by Deviant Art contributor Xiang Zhang (aka: NightT47). According to the make article; these are 1:6 scale models from popular DC and Marvel movies like the Dark Knight and Captain America. There’s a lot more on his Deviant art page (hit the link above) and it’s amazing how detailed the work is. Check out a small sample below.

captain_america____after_war_by_nightt47-d7lmlcb custom_hottoys_catwoman_by_nightt47-d7jz6h5 custom_repaint_christian_bale_1_6th_headculpt_by_nightt47-d842grj

Gallery 1988: Postcard Correspondence!


From March 20th to April 4th 2015, Gallery 1988 will be showing some incredible postcard art based on artist “favorite pop-culture adventures.” All of these are really fun to look at and I think you can even buy actual postcard versions of the art at the gallery or at their online store. Check out a small (very small) sample of the art being shown, but also hit the link above to see much more!

Evanimal-GoneFishin Chet-Phillips-Great-Escape AJ-Masthay-Dune

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  1. The Bavaria poster threw me because it looks just like a real Jazz Age travel poster, but of course that’s Steve McQueen in The Great Escape jumping the fence.

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