Lenore: Pink Bellies!

Good news, El Moochadores! Titan Comics has recently released a new hard back edition of Roman Dirge’s Lenore comic. This new volume, Lenore: Pink Bellies is a four book story arc where in our favorite little dead girl is being hunted by a mysterious old lady, and Taxidermy’s origins are revealed. There is also a lot of bear ass play. No, I didn’t spell that wrong. “Bear” ass is very correct. Read the book.

Anyways… Like with any of the Lenore series, Pink Bellies is a lot of hyper-active fun with a sick sense of humor. The book never takes it’s self serious, even though it boast the death of one its main characters, and it comes off like a sugar rush for the eyes. The whole Lenore series is probably the best spin on the whole “dead little girl” thing (yeah, it’s a thing) since the Ring, but funnier and some how even more violent. Also, there’s a murderous pickle hat in the story. Pickle Hat! Check out a few sample pages below along with the books synopsis.

In a storyline that has been building for over a year, Roman Dirge, the so-called ‘Arch-Deacon of the Macabre’ has been slowly ratcheting up the tension and silliness in a story arc that will see one of his most beloved characters pushing up the daisies — FOR GOOD, we kid you not..!

NO, seriously. This isn’t one of those dead for a year kind of deals other publishers do – this is the real deal. DEFO dead! Deader than a door nail kind of dead. The sort of dead that leaves the reader gasping in stunned amazement at the sheer audacity of the thing. Seriously, as god is my witness someone’s dying or my name isn’t Ferdinand Marco De Boing Boing III. It’s going to change the way we see dead people in comic books for all time!

Sample Images:

preview3.jpg.size-600 preview4.jpg.size-600 preview5.jpg.size-600

Lenore: Pink Bellies is available now in all major bookstores, or you can get your copy on line at Titan Comics. Now go have fun and beware of the Biebs! By far “the douchiest demons in all of heck!”

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