Featuring cool videos from Glove and Boots and Big Bee Studio!

Good morning, El Moochadores! For this morning’s feature we have two very cool (and funny) videos! Check out parody’s of Pixar’s Cars, and an Uptown Funk

Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer


Dammit, yeah. I’d watch this. I’d dig the money out of my pocket and pay to watch every abominable moment because: It’s Star Wars! Well, thank the gods this only a parody from Big Bee Studios. Excellent animation work, but I sincerely hope Disney never sinks this low with their new property. Anyways, check out this funny parody, Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer, and hope it doesn’t spark a bad idea in a talentless Disney executive’s brain.

Shaolin Monk – “Uptown Funk” PARODY


Do you guys love Glove and Boots. We love Glove and Boots. Not any weird way. Just the sort of “special” love a bunch of grown men can have for funny hand puppets. You know what I mean. Anywhat: Check out the new Glove and Boots parody video, Shaolin Monk. A parody on the (much too over played) Uptown Funk song so (too) popular on the radio right now. Wait, radio’s still exist, right? That’s still a thing some people use, right? Also, it’s not like I hate the Uptown Funk song, but they play it every-other-fucking-song down here. Way overplayed Radio guys… who, may or may not exist anymore.

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