Featuring Robotech T-shirts and Marvel Fan Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores. Among the many amazing things bobbing on the surface of the internet today are these two items. First; Check out the above t-shirt from 80stees.comzentradi-logo-robotech-t-shirt.dsk featuring the Robotech Defense Force logo. The bill the shirt as “simple” but in reality this is awesome. Also, for those of you who don’t already know, I love Robotech and I have a birthday in July. Anyways, the t-shirt is selling for $20.00 and comes in a colored version as well. there’s even a Zentradi logo t-shirt for sale on the site which would also make a great gift for someone who has a birthday in July. ‘just saying.

Moving on…

Dancing Baby Groot Stop Motion: Guardians of the Galaxy


Take a gander at this fun fan animation from Kyle Roberts and Reckless Abndnmnt Pictures. Through the magic of stop motion animation we get to re-live the cutest moment of Guardians of the Galaxy that is in now way getting kind of annoying. I’m just saying. I like this video. I kind of liked the movie, but any more “dancing Groot” stuff after this, and I feel like I’m going to start kicking at every potted plant I come across. Let’s move on world.

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