Via Deviant Art: Hello, El Moochadores and check out the above, and wonderful, Star Wars poster art from UK artist Andy Fairhurst. According to Fairhurst’s Deviant art page the posters are “officially licensed limited edition prints” for Bottleneck Art Gallery and Acme Archives and they’re so good that you kind of just feel the magic of the force when looking at these. Keen.

Anyways, according to the bottleneck page, the posters are currently sold out, but I did post a few more samples of Fairhurst’s work below, so that you can all enjoy the talent in a digital way.


vii_by_andyfairhurst-d894ysr robocop_by_andyfairhurst-d7yt2xg 88mph___part_3_by_andyfairhurst-d8d3qwv

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