Featuring Cool Art and BanecCat 3!

Good Morning El Moochadores! There’s another BaneCat video! I have no idea why I love those so much, but dammit, I do. Anyways, before the BaneCat checkout a very cool piece of Hellraiser art by artist/illustrator Sandara. Pinhead looks awesome in all his unholy glory! I’ve posted a few other samples of Sandara’s work below, but hit the Deviant Art link above to see more of her work.

godzilla_by_sandara-d7fusc5 raistlin_and_crysania_by_sandara-d83u0y3

BaneCat Episode 3!


Via BloodBlitz on the youtube: Checkout episode 3 of the best Bat parody to date! BaneCat!!! Though, I’m a little critical of the Batdog. I don’t see Batman as a beagle. Snoopy was a beagle. Batman is probably more of a German shepherd… or some sort of lab. yeah.


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