Featuring Fan Art and Kung Fu Avengers!

Good morning all. For today’s Morning Moo we got a funny, Kung fu meets the Avengers, video from Beat Down Boogie, but first: Look up (…at the top of the page, not the ceiling) and check out that amazing Black Widow fan art by Deviant Art contributor Keelerleah. Leah (I think I can call her Leah… wait, she’s a she, right? Anyways…) according to her Deviant Art page, and blog, Leah works with both traditional art and digital techniques. Click the link above to see some of her work with Copic markers! It’s really frigg’n good! She also has an entire gallery dedicated to Drows! Drows, people! DROWS! I’ve posted a couple of sample images below, but click the links above to see much more of her fantastic work! If it is a her… Sorry, I’m running late and I don’t have time to investigate (heh. that rhymed), and I’m not like a real damn journalist anyways. Just look at the art and stop judging me in my head.

iron_man_mark_iii_by_keelerleah-d80zyni doctorwho_11_by_keelerleah-d7mer0n



Beat Down Boogie goes all Kung Fu in this new video that shows us a Kung Fu Iron Man (with an Australian accent?) and a Kung Fu Captain America with a paper mache shield/hat. Yeah, it’s groovy and we dug the voice dubbing.


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