May the 4th is tomorrow folks, and we wish you all a happy Star Wars Day. On this, the eve of possibly the world’s greatest holidays… ever, we thought we would share some cool Star Wars stuff floating around the web. For example: Did you see the new cover5543ca93db753b82389cbd74_vanity-fair-star-wars of Vanity Fair? Pretty damn cool! Check out Han, Chewy, that ball droid, the girl, the scared dude… they’re all there! Also, check out a short feature video showing a behind the scenes look at the Vanity Fair photo shoot for the new magazine!

Also also…

If you’re loving the new Star Wars stuff, right now (at least through tomorrow) you can check out the entire first season of Star Wars: Rebels on StarWars.com! Keen. Better still, check out the trailer for Season 2 below! B-Wings people! B-WINGS!!! And the Darth Vader. heh. I’m digging this new series!


Star Wars Rebels Season Two Trailer

The Star Wars Cast on Set for Vanity Fair’s Cover Shoot

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