Featuring Star Wars Art!

Well, Star Wars Day is over, but there was so much great Star Wars stuff, bouncing around the web the other day, that we wanted to keep the vibe going. So, check out a couple of amazing creative projects with a cool Star Wars vibe!


Dark Ink Prints – Star Wars Day Releases


Via Geek-art.net: Dark Ink Print has recently released this fantastic looking series of Star Wars prints. The series features art by Craig Drake, Steve Thomas, Dave Perillo, Mark Daniels and E. Scott Derby. I only posted a few samples here, so hit the link to see more available prints.

Craig-Drake-The-Stormtrooper-686x1029 Craig-Drake-Imperial-Trifecta-686x456 Dave-Perillo-Transports-686x915

Cut Scene: Kirigami Inspired by Scenes from Star Wars


Via Creative Blog and Kickstarter: Right now you can help artist Paper Dandy (aka: Marc Hagan-Guirey) create this fantastic series of Kirigami paper models inspired by scenes from Star Wars. All of these sculptures are created from a single sheet of A4 paper and turned into an incredible piece of 3D design. I’ve posted Paper Dandy’s Kickstarter video below, but click the link above for more information on contributing, rewards, and more images.

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