Featuring C2E2 2015 Coverage and Killer Tick Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo we got Beat Down Boogie’s amazing coverage of C2E2 and some new Rocky Davies art. Keen. No really… Keen!


The Tick – The City Calls


One of our favorite artists/graphic designers, Rocky Davies, recently produced this killer bit of The Tick art. You can almost here the words “spoon” being shouted over the city. Also, Davies has a bunch of his stuff for sale on the website: Nerdy with Children.

Check out a few samples below.

Love_is_a_Battlefield_Adult_Front Melt_with_You_Adult_Back Welcome_to_the_Jungle_Adult_Front

C2E2 2015 – Cosplay Celebration


Beat Down Boogie has new videos out covering Chicago’s C2E2. Check out all the fun cosplay along with a pictures of the event. I’ve only posted a few samples here, so click the link to see more images.

10959615_818025241567817_9202643634918725753_n 11178211_818027088234299_4487676693850719216_n 11174838_818025451567796_6539708207775285615_n

11207343_818029911567350_4983413926638398776_n 11204987_818025804901094_7598308463714552362_n 11188259_818027974900877_3566738364555235683_n

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