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Featuring Space X Posters and the Star Trek Done Way Wrong!

Good Morning El Moochadores! In just a few moments I have to leave for work and trade a piece of my soul for a low wage. yay. However, its Monday and I’ve always felt that the start of a work week is a new chance to fix things. Optimism! We’ll survive this… until the day we don’t.


Space X Mars Posters


We’re going to Mars! Well, the royal we… In any case, check out these cool posters produced by Space X and uploaded to their Flickr page. The posters have a very cool retro style and I really wish I could tell you who made them… d’oh.

143172263442668 143172261254763

Guide to the Races of Star Trek

star Trek

Well, you thought you knew Star Trek… turns out we were all way wrong. Check out this funny video from Neil Cicierega on the Youtube. Mactonites. I must’ve missed that episode.

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  1. I thought you were going to tell me Jason did those. He did a spacer girl that looked like those space suit guys. I like them!

    Anyway, Phobos and Demos are tiny, and would just look like white specks from Mars.

    • Mister Trog

      05/18/2015 at 8:38 pm

      Jason is seething with jealousy after seeing those. Also, I thought I read an article awhile back that discussed the decaying orbit of the Martian moons, so… maybe not a great destination location.

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