Featuring a How To on Making LEGO Candy!

Good Morning El Moochadores! First things first: A very happy birthday to one of our all time favorite actors, Christopher Lee! Saruman, Count Dooku, The Man with the Golden Gun, turns 93 years old today, and dammit if we don’t love his work. christopherleeI think in honor of this day, which should be a day… “Christopher Lee Day”, I think I’m going to go watch a little Two Towers and maybe some Gremlins 2, but also, check out below a short youtube clip featuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in the Death of Dracula scene from 1958 remake of Dracula.

Happy birthday Mr. Lee!!!

How To Make Edible & Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy


Next up…

Via LEGO gummy candy you can make yourself. I say you can, because there is no way in hell I could ever pull this off. So, for the more culinary competent out there, check out this fun How to video from Grant Thompson on the Youtube! Like many of his other videos, Mr. Thompson clearly goes through all the steps to make gummy candy LEGO bricks and they look frigg’n awesome. Now, someone please go make a LEGO gummy Star Destroyer. We don’t have t-shirts (yet), but I would totally give an Atomic Moo t-shirt to the first person that makes a gummy candy LEGO Star Destroyer. Check out the How to video below and hit the links to see more great life hacks by Grant Thompson!


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