Featuring Great New Fan Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! There’s a lot of stuff going on (in and around) the web today, so let’s just skim the internet’s creamy surface with a few examples of killer fan art! First up, look to the right (of the screen) and check out this frigg’n radPrint Batman Returns art by Steven Holliday. This poster is screen printed with glow in the dark inks and there are about 100 signed by the artist ready for purchase. Right now this print is for sale on Gallery 1988 website for $35.00. Seriously, there is just not enough Batman Returns art in the world, so please support this by buying a poster. “Get in the duck!”


Game of Thrones Pin Up Art!


Via Geek x Girls: Check out the sexy women of Game of Thrones as sexy pin up art by Russian artist Andrew Tarusov. Ahh… Missandei…

game-of-thrones-pinups-04 game-of-thrones-pinups-03 game-of-thrones-pinups-02

Mad Max Meets My Little Pony!


Via Geekologie: So, artist Kelsey Wailes (aka: EatToast) mashed the new Mad Max film with My Little Pony and the end result is actually… really good. Check out a few sample images below, but hit the link above to see more images and a brilliant portfolio on Deviant Art! The horrible things these ponies go through to survive a post apocalyptic world…

mad-max-my-little-pony-7 mad-max-my-little-pony-8 mad-max-my-little-pony-3 mad-max-my-little-pony-2

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