Hey El Moochadores, I came across this great looking Kickstarter that crosses two of my interests; Excellent design and playing cards. Sure, I’m no Lando Calrissian (dammit), but yeah; I play a little holdem at the local card rooms and I even win once in awhile… Well, great while. But that’s not important right now. What is important is this Kickstarter for the Omnia Playing Card sets.af85c1e25f954d72d8650c12266bed9d_original The Omnia playing cards were designed by the same group that created the Good and Evil Deck which hit their funding and are now being printed. Keen. However; now they’re working on getting this new series of card decks printed.

These are custom, poker size, playing cards inspired by “ancient symbology, drawn with a sharp and modern style.” The decks were designed by Giovanni Meroni and are produced by Expert Playing Cards Co. Not only are they custom illustrated, but each illustration is printed in metallic ink, and (maybe it’s just me) the Queens look kind of hot. huh… Anyways, click the link above to learn more about the three decks being offered (Omnia Oscura, Omnia Illumina, Omnia Suprema) and the cool rewards you get for helping to contribute to this campaign. As of today they’ve already hit their goal (awesome!), but this is a good chance to help them hit stretch goals and pick up the decks along with other great rewards!

Check out a few sample images below!

533714cf79e2dcd0469cbe705b692d43_original ab334eee0f80e1e66007ef8d7df96624_original b4e31f62fd16a741f0a60aa0e6966110_original

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