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Featuring Fun Cosplay at a Water Park!

Good morning El Moochadores! Today we’re featuring more great Cosplay coverage from Beat Down Boogie’s trip to Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio! Wait, Sandusky? Wasn’t Tommy boy from Sandusky? Anyways, before you scroll down to see lots of great cosplayers in skimpy outfits, check out this little bit of inspiration I found on the Facebook. Via Paolo Libunao Illustration; take a look at this definition of a professional. I just copied and pasted the text here, so hit the link to follow it back to its source, or to check out Paolo’s stuff.

What makes a Professional Creative

I have met a lot of creative people who are hobbyists, amateurs, students, even professionals. There are graphic designers, illustrators, comic book artists, painters, even cosplayers. But professional are the ones that stand out from the rest of the group. From my observation here are some things that I’ve noticed from professionals.923465_800795553270159_62552319_n (1)

• Pros got a high skill level. There are amateurs who are very good at what they do but pros really put a lot of time and effort learning and refining their craft. Employers and clients demand a high quality of work.
• Pros use their skill as a business. Amateurs may make money with their art but they create because it’s what they like to do or it’s a pastime. Pros are in the business of creating because it’s means of income.
• Pros value their work. They get paid for the job done. They will not work for free unless it’s for charitable purposes. Amateurs take jobs that don’t pay but are a lot of fun.
• Pros sign contracts, NDA’s and all that legal stuff for protection. Don’t forget they ask 50% upfront.
• Pros have a timetable. Amateurs do their work only when motivated. Pros are self motivated because they need to beat deadlines and need to be credible among clients.
• Pros have people skills. Sure, creative people like being left alone in one corner so they can work. Pros need to interact with people; they have bosses, clients and are team players. When they advance in experience they may become managers and directors. That’s when leadership skills come into play.
• Pros also love what they do.

So what about you? Are you a pro? Are you ready to be one? How about we hear what you have to say.

Colossalcon 2015 Cosplay Videos From Beat Down Boogie!


Alright, now for some pool side fun with purple haired girls! Check out the amazing coverage of Colossal Con 2015 from Beat Down Boogie! There are two videos below (Return to Cosplay Paradise and Cosplay In The Sun) along with a small collection of photos from the Beat Down Boogie facebook album. There’s just a handful of images below, so click the link above to see much more.


11406537_838061092897565_5582883127361747712_n 11227620_838086916228316_7303146357609994304_n 11063536_838060062897668_3574583832103775602_n 11061954_838060612897613_8250826462484586405_n 11057794_838339139536427_7488284790475539574_n 10430485_838060952897579_4256821933034556414_n

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  1. What’s the blue girl? A zora? The diva from 5th Element? I’m impressed the make-up is waterproof!

    • Mister Trog

      06/21/2015 at 6:14 pm

      Yeah, it’s really cool, but I don’t know what that is from. I’ll pass it on to some of the other Brethren Moo and see if they know.

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