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Featuring Cool Mario Fan Art and Marvel Skate Decks!

Good morning El Moochadores! Good stuff on the web this morning so let’s start things off with something I found over at Check out this series of Marvel ComicsJim-Phillips-Screaming-Hand-273x400 inspired Screaming Hand skate decks from Santa Cruz. Four decks were created by artist Jim Phillips featuring Thor, Wolverine, Venom, and Spiderman. I really like the classic comic vibe of these decks. Click the link above to see more of Phillips’s amazing art work and check out sample images of the skateboards below! Y’know; if I only I had a sense of balance, depth perception, and less of a fear of falling… I might have tried skating. Might have.

Santa-Cruz-Skate-Boards-Wolverine-Hand Santa-Cruz-Skate-Boards-Venom Santa-Cruz-Skate-Boards-Thor-Hand

Nintendo Fan Crochets Super Mario Bros 3 Map!


Via Laughing Squid: It took a Denmark based computer programmer, Kjetil Nordin, six years to crochet this blanket of the grasslands map from Super Mario Bros 3. According to Nordin;

The hardest thing has been to accept that it took such a long time. I’ve spent 800 hours crocheting and many hours researching and searching for the correct yarn

Wow. Wait, is that better than playing 800 hours of Mario Bros 3? Really, either would have been impressive. Anyways, I’ve posted a few sample photos below, but hit the link to see more.

10469939_10155707748695581_1257144623085530124_n 10997156_10155707749655581_7349538068508952825_n 11412380_10155707750295581_1288144416682950360_n

Hot Girl Shot in Butt with Gummy Bears!


Via Geekology: Because… why not. Check out a very cute woman (with a very nice bottom) being shot in the butt with a bunch of gummy bears and recorded at 5000 frames per second. Now let’s see what else we can load in a cannon and fire at her ass!


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  1. I fell off the first skateboard I tried and didn’t get back on. But I beat SMB3 without warping. Ditto 1 and 2. Never shot a cannonade of gummy bears at a butt before, though.

    • Mister Trog

      06/24/2015 at 10:05 am

      It seems like a simple thing to get done though. All you need is an air cannon, gummy bears, and butt.

  2. Trust me, two out of three doesn’t cut it!

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