New Atomic Moo Cards!


Hey El Moochadores! Okay, I know a lot of people don’t get excited over business cards (well, maybe that guy from American Psycho…), but we just got our new cards as designed by Atomic Moo’s very own top graphic artist, Jason “Chudd” Murray. The new cards look awesome! Too awesome. I almost don’t want to give them out. Anyways, look forward to more cool Atomic Moo stuff, designed by Chudd, coming soon!


Final_Atomic_Moo_PromoCard_MooSize_Front Final_Atomic_Moo_PromoCard_MooSize_Front2

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  1. Yes, but how is the texture?

  2. Those look rad as hell.

  3. First! Oh wait, no. Fourth! Did I miss my chance?

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