Help Fund a Very Cool Indie Comic!

Hello El Moochadores! Last week I interviewed Jack Holder, the creator and writer of Spells and Taxes (an imaginative new twist on a fairy tale) for an upcoming Moocast episode. Spells and Taxes is the story of what would happen if the princess kissed the wrong frog, and then that frog (now a young woman named Dwellna) had to deal with being a person.29f13e87338bbf6565ee6baa87a39593_original I’m currently producing the Moocast episode (probably #104… I think) featuring Mr. Holder, however; it won’t be done before the Kickstarter for the follow up book, Unfortunately Human, ends. Unfortunately Human is a 24 page issue that continues Dwellna’s story, and also features an 8-page short story Tea Time with a Goddess”, and they need your help to get it made!

So, here’s what we need you to do: in advance of the Moocast, go check out the Unfortunately Human Kickstarter page (the above link) and throw them some support. The book features the wonderful writing of Jack Holder and amazing art by Patch Silver. I’ve posted a few sample pages from the first book, Spells and Taxes, below, but check out the kickstarter link for more information about the comic and contributor rewards!

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