Featuring WoW Cosplay, Star Wars Animation, and Chris Farley!

Alright El Moochadores, time to get back on track. Or is this a road? The airport moving sidewalk we call Atomic Moo… the point is, it’s Morning Moo time and there’s a lot of cool stuff to share. Let’s start with some frigg’n amazing World of Warcraft cosplay from Phaleure Cosplay10433264_769795979760244_445073380078797727_n and cosplayer Ellie Marie (aka: Dust Bunny on the Deviant art). Look to the image on the right and you’ll see Marie’s Warsong Commander costume from Blizzcon 2014. I’ve posted a few more images below of the costumes construction but you can see way more on Phaleure Cosplay’s Facebook page. Also, click the above links to see her Deviant art portfolio. For the Horde!!! Actually, that’s not true. When I play WoW, I play Alliance. However, I do really like to bashing Horde players in PvP. Okay, that’s not true either. I mostly get the hell beat’n out of me in hopes of scoring a few honor points. Still… awesome cospaly.

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I Am Chris Farley Documentary Trailer


Coming soon is a new documentary about comedian, Chris Farley. The documentary will open July 31st and features interviews from David Spade, Christina Applegate, Dan Aykroyd, Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Molly Shannon, and many more who reflect on the life and talent of Mr. Farley. For more information visit iamchrisfarley.com.

I Miss You


Finally, for this last one you have to be in a mood for Star Wars, cute, or a combination of the two. If not… move along. Move along. Anyways, check out this animation from Twistedspeedo on the youtube, showing a gross miss use of Imperial military equipment.


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