Comic Con Videos!


Some of the Awesome Videos from SDCC 2015!

Hey El Moochadores! You’ve all probably seen this small collection of trailers from Hall H (and other San Diego Comic Con halls, and ballrooms. Heh. “ballroom…”) by now, but they’re really fun! So, just for shits’n giggles; here are four of the popular videos from last weeks SDCC 2015 starting with the Deadpool! Well, sort of. This is that popular “leaked” video that’s been bouncing around the internet. Which, is still really cool, but where the hell are all the other leaked videos? C’mon nerds! With all the cosplay, and weird get ups, not one of you can “spy style” hide a camera somewhere in your storm trooper armor to give the rest of geeks and dorks an illicit view of Hall H happenings? Come on!

Okay. Deadpool.

Archer’s Comic-Con Message!


I waited in line for the Indigo Ballroom (heh. “ballroom…”) for an hour and half to try to see the Archer panel and all I got was this sunburn! And, maybe, skin cancer. Fucking lines. Anyways, had there not been a billion (figurative) people in front of me, this is part of what I would have seen. Damn people!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer


Okay, I hate doing that thing other nerds do when they shit on a movie before it even comes out, but… yeah this looks like a disaster. Sorry, but I fucking hate this new version of Superman, and everything in this trailer just looks awful. However, it was big news at the con and who knows, I could be very wrong. This movie might be great, and I could be very wrong. Would not be the first time. I mean, holy shit, I got a degree in journalism. wtf… Okay, so enjoy all the Affleck goodness of this trailer, and forget everything I just wrote before that.

Ash vs Evil Dead


…and the best for last. Ash vs Evil Dead. Brilliant.

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