Help Support Season 3!

Hey El Moochadores; We were recently introduced to this great new, independently produced, web series called Time Keeper. It’s the story about the world’s most boring Time Traveler, Mitch Manners, who is sent back in time by “future powers” to perform a series of apparently mundane tasksMitch (eat a sandwich, hitch a ride… stuff like that), but every time Mitch performs a small task that changes time, he awakes in the new time line with no memory of what happened in the last. which causes some headaches but is all mostly good until the day he is ordered to kill a person. Then things really get interesting.

I gotta say, I dug this series. I watched all of season one yesterday (each episode is only about six and half minutes in length) and part of season two (‘would of watched more but I had to go to work. Someone’s gotta pay the bills around here…). The show is made by Yitibit Films, which had independently produced seasons one and two all in Florida (…Florida?!), but now they are looking for funding for season three through an IndieGoGo campaign. The whole series was produced by Daryn Murphy and stars Matt Lunsford as Mitch. Check out the first two episodes below along with the Indigogo pitch video. For more information about the show, or to help contribute to its production, click the handy Indiegogo link above.


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