An Atomic Moo Comic Shout Out!

Okay El Moochadores, our internet keeps blink in and out of existence so I’m going to try and do this while I still have access to the web.

As I stated in a post from a few days back, Chudd and I got loaded up with comics at this last years SDCC 2015, and unlike previous conventions, I am making a real effort to read this great stack of indie stories, and then share these comics with the likes of you (you know who you are!). So; in the spirit of actually getting stuff done check out Gates of Midnight!

Gates of Midnight, published by Kymera Press, is the story of Raven Alice Moon, a former combat medic who served in Afghanistan (would you believe I spelled that right the first time? Ha!) and has since returned home to live with her father as she deals with PTSD. However; Soon after her father is murdered, Raven begins to learn of his ultra secret life of fighting off portal leaping monsters and demons.310e9240ef136f6118a8de6bb0eb4a4b She then begins the journey to become a new warrior to face off against these creatures!

Both the story and illustration work for Gates of Midnight are excellent! At first the comic has a real tonal (kind of depressing vibe) but as it progresses (and Raven’s world begins to change) so does the comic. Very cool. The story was written by veteran science fiction author D. Lynn Smith along with the talent work of artist Amelia Woo, and colored by Mirana Reveier. Did you notice that? All girls! er… I mean women. Ladies! No, serious though, Kymera Press is an all female comic company doing a lot to encourage female participation in comics.

Currently you can pick up all four issues of Gates of Midnight on Comixology for about $1.99 each (as of this post). For more information about Kymera Press visit their website at I’ve posted a few sample pages below along with an synopsis from the site.


GATES OF MIDNIGHT tells the story of the gate that opened in NYC after 9/11 and its new Warrior, Raven Alice Moon. Raven may have done a tour in Afghanistan as a combat medic, but she needs the friends and allies who will support her mission both physically and emotionally. GATES provides a strong yet vulnerable heroine with real life problems that don’t always get her full attention. How can they, when she has to figure out how to get rid of the Hydra in Central Park?

SampPage3 SampPage2 SampPage1

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