Featuring Peter Griffin and Deadpool… not at the same time though… but that would be cool too.

Good morning El Moochadores! We had a pretty damn niffty Moocast recording last night, so you can look forward to some podcasting excellence in the near future, but until then: Morning Moo stuff!

Today, I’ve got some of the best the internet has to offer starting with The Real Life Peter Griffin! Check out footage from New York Comic Con and Robert Franzese cosplaying as Peter Griffin. No shit, I’ve watched this thing like 5 times just this morning. It’s that damn cool. According to the Boom! Big Pants, Youtube page I pulled this from, Franzese is an aspiring voice talent actor, and I think he’s going to get there. Take a break Mcfarlane! The dudes got this covered!


Deadpool Red Band Trailer!


Yeah, I know; You’ve already seen this, but watch it again! It looks like we’re getting the Deadpool movie we always wanted! So check out all the violence, wise cracking, butts, and mutant powers that’s probably going to make this one of the best super hero movies ever! Yup. I’m really raising my expectations on this one. No, way Fox will let us down, right? It’s not like they could possibly fuck up Deadpool… oh, wait. They already did once. Eh, we’ll call “mulligan.” Oh, and this is the Redband (aka: more violent and cussy) trailer, so NSFW!


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