Featuring a Mad Max GoKarts and Hullabaloo Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s featured items, I found two pretty damn niffty youtube videos. First of which is a prime example of exactly what you should be doing if you have some friends, GoKarts, a lot of paintball guns, and near wasteland looking environment (Utah) in your backyard! Check out Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – 4K by youtubers Devinsupertramp. The GoKarts were made by Seth Jones and Andy Sims and filmed by Devin Grahamusing the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube“. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s got to be impressive. According to the youtube page, this video was made in support by WB Games and their upcoming Mad Max game. You can also watch a behind the scenes video here.

Animating Hullabaloo


An animation project we a looking very forward to seeing someday is the independently (being) produced Hullabaloo. Last year the makers of this series successfully raised over $470,000.00 to fund the project and below is a small example of the animation process as posted to their Facebook page and the James Lopez Animation youtube page. For more information about the show please visit


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