Billy Loves Nibbles!


An Atomic Moo Comic Shout Out!

Hey El Moochadores! We’re back with another great and fantastic Atomic Moo Comic Book Shoutout! This time we’re featuring Billy Loves Nibbles. A new graphic novel from Travis Bundy, and Creator’s Edge (the same publishers of The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade). This is the story about a developmentally challenged man (Billy) and his dog (Nibbles). As the story begins;BillyLovesNibbles2BillyMeetsNibbles Billy and his poor mother live in a bad neighborhood. In between the dilapidated buildings are drug dealers, pimps, and gangsters, but Billy’s mother is working hard to raise her soon to be nice and honest. She’s taught him simple rules that guide all of his actions. Then Billy’s life goes from boring to awesome when on his birthday his mother gives him a sickly pug puppy, Nibbles. Billy and his mother nurse the puppy back to health and soon Billy has a new best friend! Which is great, until the day a drug dealer hits Nibbles with his car. Big mistake. Billy, a massive man with a child mind, confronts the dealer, and ends up punching him to death after being hit by the man. Soon after, Billy’s mother is hurt in retaliation by the dealers bosses. All of this puts Billy on a quest to “make things right” that pits him against the worst drug dealers and gangsters in his town.

This is a refreshing use of sequential storytelling and very enjoyable. In a way it reminded me of stories by R. Crumb and American Slender. It’s a much more grounded story than your typical comic book full of superpowers and spaceships. Yeah, Billy has extraordinary strength, which he sometimes forced to use against the bad elements he faces in his adventure, but he’s not your typical comic hero. He has a simple mind and a simple life, and most the story is about him fixing the bad stuff that happened. The story is a bit heartbreaking at times. Billy comes face to face with a cruel world and is constantly being bullied or called “retard” by the other characters, but as long as he has his mother and Nibbles in his life, none of that matters. Not to say this book doesn’t get violent, because it does. Very, very violent. However, watching Billy burst into a “Hulk” like rage only adds to the books charm.

As far as I know the book is in the process of being printed right now. Last month Travis Bundy ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign to get the book publish. According to the IndieGoGo page, all contributions over the needed $2,500.00 for publishing would be donated straight to the ASPCA and Humane Society. Also, a percentage of every book sold will be donated to the same charities. There’s going to be an initial run of 500 copies of this book, so keep an eye on the Creator’s Edge website for future sales. You can also get more information on their Facebook page. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but this is just a small sample of a great read.

Nibbles1 Nibbles2 Nibbles3

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  1. I have a signed copy of “Billy Love Nibbles” in my collection!

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