Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Limited Edition Playing Cards


Commemorating History!

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta is a new Kickstarter campaign for this unique, limited edition, luxury playing card sets. Designed and hand illustrated by Alexander Chin the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Limited Edition Playing Card sets come in two packs, Rebels vs. Royals.1bd11266ec6a42501b244ca9a2903e0c_original Chin went all out on the production of the cards. Each set features wonderful illustration work that carry symbolism “based on the court cards that they hold” along with elegant tuck cases to store the decks. Contributors to the campaign can also get access to a special gold and silver versions of the cars sets, limited to just 500 sets. So far the Kickstarter campaign is a massive success. With 18 days left to go, Chin has already earned over $62,000.00 in pledges, but there’s still plenty of time to get in and secure a deck for yourself. Check out the video below, along with a few sample images, but be sure to click the link above to see more images of the beautiful illustration work, and to learn about the rewards for helping to contribute. You can also visit Seasons Playing Cards to see more of the cards.


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  1. They look great! But I had my heart set on the 900th anniversary set. Worth the wait, I bet!

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