Featuring Star War Art, Some How To, and Fun with Jurassic Park!

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, usually it’s my own laziness that keeps me from actively working on anything Atomic Moo related… but not this time! No, this time (if you look to the right) it was this blue screen of compute death w8sm10! I recently tried to upgrade my system to Windows 10 and, yeah… big mistake. Okay, so I know there’s probably a billion (guessing) people who upgraded and didn’t have the same problem, and I’m also not the most computer savy guy, but that blue screen really wrecked a lot of stuff I was working on. So, anyways, I’m back to Windows 7 and a determination to only buy Apple in the future.

Anyways, it’s been a bit since I was able to post so let’s jump right in with some cool Star Wars art by Look up (way up) to the begining of this post and you’ll see this unique silk screen piece called Destination Victory and it is being offered as part of a 250 piece, 18″ x 24″, signed edition at $50.00 each. It has a great Imperial propaganda vibe, if we were to ever see imperial propaganda. Click the link above to see more great art by Dark Ink Art!

Painting Mark Ruffalo with Jason Seiler


Next up: Check out this interview from Schoolism with professional artist Jason Seiler about his rendering of Mark Ruffalo for the New York Observer. As a would be artist, I’m always interested in hearing how the professionals do their work and Schoolism is loaded with interviews like this. Though I found this one on the Bobby Chiu youtube page.

If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras


Finally, What if Jurassic Park were in different geological eras? We would have a lot less exciting movie. Well, Maybe. Anything “precambrian” would just make for a really short movie. In any case, check out College Humors take on a totally different Jurassic Park… with a pretty good Jeff Goldblum impersonation to boot!


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