An Atomic Moo Comic Shout Out!

So, I think I’ve mentioned, in prior posts, the pile of “con stuff” that sits next to my computer. It’s a ever growing collection of business cards, promo swag, and independent comics that I’ve collected over the last four years with the intention of featuring most of it here on Atomic Moo. Lately I’ve been making a real effort to dig down through this small tell to find posts for the website, or to follow those who are making cool stuff, on their social media sites, for future posts. Anyways, while working my way down I came across a stratum of geekery from about a year to a year and a half ago, where in I found a collection of comics from Never Static Pictures.TakingEden-ActI_P147 Then somewhere out of the dusty, cobweb infested, corner of my seldom used brain, I vague (kind of foggy) memory surfaced of a group of nice guys at a con (either Wondercon or Comikaze 2014) giving me all four issues in hopes that I would post a review. Which was followed by another thought which mostly sounded like, “D’oh!”

So, here it is; our Atomic Moo Comic Shout Out forTaking Eden. An original series by Jason Beckwith, Malcom Johnson, with art by Niño Harn Cajayon. The story is dark tale of addiction and the occult, and takes readers into an underground world where a new drug is being made from the innocence of young women. Here’s the synopsis:

Marnie is a naive small town girl lost in the big city club scene. She worked two summers at the local Frosty Cream to save enough money to move to the big city. Staying with her cousin Jasmine, a gothic DJ,TakingEden-ActI_P138 she becomes an unwitting part of a unique drug culture. Sky, the owner of multiple night clubs, along with his minions, David and Crystal, are abducting young women. They are using magic to extract their innocence which they process into a designer drug called ‘Eden’. They will stop at nothing to keep a steady stream of product moving to their high profile clientele.

When Marnie crosses paths with Sky, will she be able to resist his charm and the excitement of a lifestyle she never imagined?

Will she even want to?

Overall I really enjoyed the four issues (I think they are currently up to issue #7) I have of the series and it’s ties to the occult. The story reminded me a lot of a modern day H.P. Lovecraft like story of dark magic and addiction. Also, and I know this won’t make sense, but as of issue four there were no vampires. Well, not of the traditional sense, which (for some reason) I kept expecting to suddenly just appear. Which, I know sounds like a weird bit of praise, but it was actually really refreshing to read a book that didn’t rely on draculas or zombies to push the plot along. Most the characters in the book, dark and creepy as they are, have their own supernatural sense. As of issue four that is. Anyways, according to the website, they are going to produce 18 issues of the series. This is a mature series, so expect murder, nudity (some), and more adult themes. I’ve posted a few sample images below along with a few covers, but for more information about Taking Eden, or to purchase a copy, please visit their website.


01 02 06 TakingEden-ActI_P144 TakingEden-ActI_P145 TakingEden-ActI_P146

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