The Atomic Moocast #106!


More Brune!!!

NEW MOOCAST!!! Former model, current Pin-up artist, and all around great gal, Nicole Brune returns to the podcast to tell us all about her new art, attending SDCC, meeting Kevin Smith,NB-headshot-IMG_5344-jan-2015 and she even gives us the creative kick in the (metaphorical) keister to get our projects done. Also, you get Chudd and mine’s 30 or so minutes of philosophizing on life… and stuff. So, this is a big one folks! Nearly two hours of sweet Atomic Moo-ness. Yeah!

So here we go folks! This Moo-train is ready to roll and you’re gonna want to be on board! So, put down that black box Chewie you stayed up all night to find at what ever toy store you were in line at (f**k’n Star Wars Force Friday? wtf? You actually lined up to give Disney more money?), and go find a secluded place to hunker down in. Then crack open something cold and fizzy just prior to hitting play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

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  1. You’re having trouble believing that your work is good enough. Maybe you should imagine that the world is full of schmucks who would part with $4 for one of your half-baked creations instead? People do buy a lot of s—, after all.

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