New Every Frame a Painting by Tony Zhou!

Hey El Moochadores! Normally I’d be posting a Morning Moo right now, but whilst (whilst?) perusing the many fine new items scrolling along the surface of the internet, I came across this awesome short documentary on famed animator, Chuck Jones, and I knew that this was the post I had to do this morning! Also, I’m very late for work. Anyways… Produced by Tony Zhou as part of his Every Frame a Painting series on the Vimeo,Cjones this short doc explores Jones’s “sensibilities as an artist”. Watch and learn how Jones made some of the funniest moments in entertainment history by employing minimalism and basic need. Also, please make sure to support Every Frame a Painting by “like” ’em on Facebook, Following ’em on Twitter, and maybe (just maybe) supporting the Patreon. Now, I am very late for work, because I keep watching Looney Tunes cartoons.


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