Featuring Straight to Video: The B-movie Odyssey!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s Morning Moo we got just one feature. It’s a great series of short films on the Youtube about a man sucked into a world of direct to video B-movies. Literally. He’s sucked in. Straight to Video: The B-Movie Odyssey is the adventure of Edmonton’s last video store clerks, Kevin Martin, who is pulled into a strange world of low budget, direct to video, movies like we loved to watch as kids.straighttovideo2 Seriously, old Chudd and I were huge fans of the low budget sci-fi and horror films, and many thanks go to Full Moon and David Carradine for making our childhood at least a little better. Anyways, the series was produced by indie film makers House of Heathens and stars Kevin Martin as, well, Kevin the video store clerk. The series takes Kevin through all genres of low budget greatness, including great titles like Beaver Lake Massacre and Gong Tao Justice. Kind of like Quantum Leap but with a giant praying mantis and you can’t leave until the credits roll. Each show is roughly 7 minutes, and (here’s the thing) they’re really damn good. The humor is awesome and I love how they didn’t forget that these films are supposed to be from the 80’s and 90’s. Or, maybe that’s just Canada. All the same, I’ve posted a couple of sample of episodes below along with the show’s synopsis, as it appears on the facebook, but click the links to see the whole thing.


Kevin, jaded video store owner, rises from behind a desk, jerry can in hand. Gas splashes out onto racks of movies. The video store has met it’s end, the love he had once had for the films of the straight to video era is gone. His bags are packed behind him; he strikes a match. The return slot flings open and gusts of air howl through the room; dousing the flame. A mysterious BETA case drops in from the opening. Curiosity piqued; he puts it in his vintage player. The TV screen flickers momentarily; then erupts as a large rotating black hole vortex pours out. Everything in the room collapses, pulled into it, including Kevin. Screams and ominous laughter wake him. In a twisted turn of fate, he is trapped inside his B-movies, and must fight the terrors around him to end this video nightmare.

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