The World’s First Crowd-Plotted Canine Comic

Hey El Moochadores, some of you already know that we’re in the process of creating our own Atomic Moo comic. Right now, it’s slow going and often we need some inspiration from outside sources! We’re especially interested in new and unique comics with an indie vibe that show us just how creative comics can be.

So, in the spirit of independent, animal based, story telling: Check out this cool looking Kickstarter for a new web comic about a dog who lives in a bar, but with an interesting twist. The comics readers can vote on what happens next. Bar Dog is the creation of Carol Holsinger and inspired by her own dog and her time as a bartender. According to the kickstarter page,ee0fa8bfaa0ca54195e9ee12cfcd084a_original the comic follows “Bar Dog”, a lucky mutt who lives in a neighborhood bar called “Buz’s”, and shows a human world from his perspective in a sort of “choose your own adventure – with friends” sort of way. Readers of the comic will get to “collectively” decide on Bar Dog’s actions through voting.

According to the kickstarter page, Holsinger is seeking funding to get the comics web page designed and constructed and she plans on this being a fun ongoing series. Also, if you visit the kickstarter you can read the first 12 pages of Bar Dog. Though I’ve posted the first three pages below, along with the promotional video, click the above link to learn more about Bar Dog and contributor awards.

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